Adapter and withdrawal sleeves are suitable for mounting bearings with a tapered bore on a cylindrical seat.

Adapter sleeves are used for mounting bearings with a tapered bore on a cylindrical seat and, since they allow the use of smooth shafts as well as shouldered shafts, they are the most frequently used mounting form. They are easy to mount and do not have to be additionally secured on the shaft by any additional means, which allows the bearings to be positioned at any point on smooth shafts.


The mounting set of an adapter sleeve consists of a steel sleeve (H), a locknut (HM / HMV / KM) and a tab washer (MB). In case of a larger dimension, retaining brackets (MS) are used instead of tab washers to prevent gradual loosening of the locknut.


NKF offers adapter sleeves in the following series:


Series H2

Series H3

Series H23

Series H30

Series H31

Series H33

Series H38

Series H39


Withdrawal sleeves, in contrast to adapter sleeves, must be abutted against, for example, a shaft shoulder, which allows an installation only with shouldered shafts. The tapered sleeve is pressed into the bearing bore until the required radial clearance reduction is reached and secured to the shaft by means of a locknut or shaft nut.


NKF offers withdrawal sleeves in the following series:


Series AH22

Series AH23

Series AH30

Series AH31

Series AH32

Series AHX32

Series AHX30


The outer surface of the slotted steel sleeves has a taper of 1:12, for the series H240 / AH240 and H 241 / AH241, the taper is 1:30.

Additional mounting elements (locknuts, tab washers and retaining brackets) are not included in the scope of delivery and must be ordered separately.

For the fitting or dismounting the sleeve high mounting forces are required, due to the friction in the mating surfaces between the bearing, the sleeve and the shaft, especially in the case of larger bearings. The installation and removal of bearings on adapter or withdrawal sleeves can be significantly facilitated by the use of hydraulic versions. They have oil grooves in the tapered outside surface and pump connections for the oil injection (suffix H).


The dimensions and materials for metric adapter sleeves comply with DIN 5 415 / ISO 2 982-1.

The dimensions and materials for locknuts and shaft nuts comply with DIN 981 / ISO 2 982-2.


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