Quality from Germany


All NKF products are designed and constantly enhanced by our engineers in Germany. The production takes place with our worldwide selected manufacturing partners according to our strict NKF guidelines and production specifications. In order to meet the high NKF quality requirements, the final quality inspection is always performed in Germany. Our strict quality assurance system, which is documented at all stages, uses only regularly tested testing and measuring equipment.


Our quality control is performed by our multi-stage, rigorous quality assurance system.


1. After receipt of the raw materials from the rolling mill, the chemical composition is tested by random sampling.

2. During production, the specified tolerances according to our given NKF creterias are checked after every single processing step.

3. Immediately after production is completed in the factory, all products are subjected to a full test defined by NKF on site.

4. All our products received in Berlin are subjected to a final inspection by our strict and documented quality assurance in Germany. An additional sample test ensures the highest NKF quality standards.


In addition to internal quality testings, using our company-specific measuring and testing equipment, we also use independent, external laboratories if required.

NKF guarantees the supply of products with highest quality and reliability!




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